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Unique, temperature-controlled sneakers and clothing apparel for every activity and climate.  


Fire & Ice Essentials is a unique online store providing innovative temperature controlled footwear and apparel for customers who live, work, and/or play in hot, mild, or cold climates and desire ultimate comfort. This feature makes our CrossTemps sneakers and clothing perfect for exercise enthusiasts, athletes, outdoor adventurers, and those who desire the latest in stylish, trendsetting fashion. 

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We believe it is our social responsibility to help others. As a caring and community minded company, we donate three percent of net sales to local homeless shelters to help provide shoes to the underprivileged. If you would like to partner with us in this effort, please contact us for more information.

About Our CrossTemps Sneakers 

CrossTemps are stylish, comfortable, and durable sneakers that boast a unique built-in temperature control system within the cushioned insole that adjusts the warmth or coolness of the sneaker for soothing foot relief and comfort during exercise, activities, or any occasion. The temperature control system is tucked away in the tongue of the sneaker. Simply press the touch-control switch up or down to set the desired warm or cool temperature. A wireless charging mat is provided with the initial sneaker purchase. Trendsetting CrossTemps sneakers, available in hi-top or low cut designs, are made of long-lasting, stain and water canvas or leather.  Choose the cooling or warming feature and a variety of colors or create your own color design and choose the cooling, warming, or combination cooling and warming.   

CrossTemps H

Warminig Sneakers

CrossTemps X

Custom design with cooling, warming, or combination cooling and warming 

CrossTemps C

Cooling Sneakers

Contact Us

1000 King Coal Highway

Delbarton, WV 25670

Tel. 304 426-6603

Fax: 304 426-6605


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